I See Where This Is Going

Whitney is determined to get her supervisor’s attention…she wants that raise. An intimate setting for a meeting with her boos may just be the leverage she needs. The subtle approach doesn’t seem to be working so it is time to go after what she wants…a rise and a proper fucking. Hard to resist her boss weighs his options but getting a glimpse at Whitney’s lingerie is just a bit to much resist.  After some hardcore negotiations, Whitney comes out on top.

A petite brunette vixen, Whitney is dressed up in a light blue sexy garter, complete with heels and hose. She puts all the right moves into this scene. Known for her passionate scenes, she delivers. Lots of eye contact, sexy moans and complete hedonisitc abandon Whitney plays the part of secretary very well. Lots of intense fucking and a few mind bending orgasms finishes off this scene nicely.

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